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Spice Innovation Lab


Innovation Lab

The MCI Innovation Lab aims at creating tangible experiences along the innovation process. It is a 150 m2 room, which condenses innovation into an environment that allows ideation, product and process development and business feasibility analysis.

These steps are designed in an iterative set up and are facilitated by the SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (TEI) Section at Campus S√łnderborg. The Innovation Lab is ideally suited not only to innovation management issues in practice of companies from various backgrounds, but also to entrepreneurial ventures that look for innovative input.

The Lab offers space for creativity workshops, stimulus and tools for prototyping both through software and materials, reconfigurable modules for analyzing and adjusting operations and a unique meeting environment. This is achieved through a sound suppressed room that does not only allow simultaneous use of the different sections, but furthermore provides a comfortable and exciting environment, which stimulates communication and discussion. Thus, the Innovation Lab allows a real innovation experience, disregarding the focus and background of the participants.

For more information, please, feel free to contact Martina Simurda: martinab@mci.sdu.dk.