SPICE Green Entrepreneurship


Green entrepreneurship center

In the field of Green Entrepreneurship Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is in charge of bundling the individual activities into the Green Entrepreneurship Center.

What the Green Entrepreneurship Center (GEC) has to offer

The GEC itself and the services it offers are funded through the Interreg 5A project “SPICE”. The services are available in the Interreg region Germany-Denmark, in the following, this text will simply refer to the region as Schleswig-Holstein and Syddanmark.

Research core areas // dissertations // publications // FGF working group

The GEC focuses on and further promotes the application of research based on actual needs as well as on research in the field of Green Entrepreneurship and on the core areas, the support and consulting of start-up companies as well as Green Financing and Investment. We also publish research results on these topics. The Jackstädt Entrepreneurship Center also is a member of the FGF [Förderkreis Gründungsforschung, Society for the advancement of entrepreneurship and start-up research] working group “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” which was founded in 2015.

Raising awareness information visits // newsletter // competitions for ideas

This aspect of our work includes information events at different locations in Schleswig-Holstein and Syddanmark to introduce those who are interested to Green Entrepreneurship. In addition those who are interested will be kept up to date via newsletters and competitions calling for ideas on several topics will be held. Students and researchers wanting to participate in ideas competitions will be supported in their endeavors. In the long run, the GEC plans to co-host competitions with a special focus on Green Economy such as the StartGreen Award or the Green Alley Award.

Qualification classes on Flensburg campus // Green Entrepreneurship labs in Germany and Denmark

Companies and start-ups from Schleswig-Holstein and Syddanmark can use various labs for qualification purposes in cooperation with local partners. Furthermore, a number of classes from the curricula of the programs taught on the campus on Flensburg can be attended.

Support founder’s room // expert contact // partner and support network

We support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by providing the founders’ room in the Jackstädt Entrepreneurship Center in which they can work and transfer knowledge into practice. In addition to this, the GEC sees its role as that of an expert for questions on business concepts and funding opportunities for green start-ups and innovations. We share this expertise in the form of a help desk and we have an existing network of partners at our disposal at all times.


The GEC offers the opportunity to extend existing networks in the region of Schleswig-Holstein and Syddanmark in particular. We regard ourselves as contact and consultant for our partners and political actors.
To create more networking opportunities in the field of Green Economy, the Jackstädt Entrepreneurship Center started the International Green Entrepreneurship Forum (IGEF) in 2014. This networking event is held annually with its location alternating between Denmark and Germany. In addition an online database is being set up.
The International Green Entrepreneurship Forum (IGEF) was first held in Flensburg in the spring of 2014. The second and slightly smaller meeting took place as part of the “100 % Climate neutrality – Solutions for Crossing Borders” conference in Sønderborg (DK) in October 2015.
In the field of Green Entrepreneurship Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is in charge of bundling the individual activities into the Green Entrepreneurship Center.