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IER Udviklingtemporary named interAct SDUby the SDU Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, replaces IDEA Entrepreneuship Centre as a unit promoting knowledge exchange between the academic world and the surrounding society since the 6th of June 2016. interAct contributes to SDU as an expert unit that specializes in putting the latest knowledge on entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration into practice by joining companies, researchers and students in interactive projects and processes.


Contact: Ken Holm Thomsen
E-mail: kht@sdu.dk


SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (TEI) is an interdisciplinary section consisting of engineers, designers and business researchers. TEI is located in Sønderborg and is part of the Mads Clausen Institute at the Faculty of Engineering. The section educates bachelor and master students in engineering courses and performs research along the innovation process. One focal area is technology entrepreneurship, which is fostered by the MCI Innovation Lab. The lab supports technology entrepreneurs in the stages of ideation, product development, process development and commercialization.


Contact: Martina Simurda
E-mail: martinab@mci.sdu.dk


European University of Flensburg, the Department for Economics and its Didactics, holds a special position as it builds a bridge between the two fields of economic sciences and didactic. Teaching and training future teachers of economic subjects in school we emphasize a variable and multi-facetted approach in training and teaching methods. Our goal is to sensitize future teachers for finding and using targeted didactical methods in transferring economic knowledge and making economics tangible for pupils and students at different ages and thus with diverging learning needs and preferences. In this context we offer an insight into a wide range of action-oriented training tools.
We also set a special focus on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competencies, gender and diversity in class rooms and education.

Universitaet Flensburg

Contact: Kirsten Mikkelsen
E-mail: kirsten.mikkelsen@uni-flensburg.de


Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
The Hochschule Flensburg – Flensburg University of Applied Sciences – is the most northern college of Germany. With over 4,000 students the HSF has developed to one of the most successful German colleges for technology and economy. Based on many activities in the area of the technology and knowledge transfer numerous professional main focuses have developed in Flensburg, thus among others also the area of Entrepreneurship.
Together with the European University of Flensburg the Hochschule Flensburg has founded the “Dr. Werner Jackstädt-Zentrum für Unternehmertum und Mittelstand Flensburg” in which the Entrepreneurship activities of both partners are combined. Numerous events, activities, courses and an extensive support program are offered to students and the scientific staff.

Contact: Dirk Ludewig
E-mail: dirk.ludewig@hs-flensburg.de


opencampus.sh is an association of stakeholders from the region of Kiel, who are engaged in the field of practical-oriented education of students. Sensibilizing students for entrepreneurship and social commitment is a core interest. opencampus.sh works closely together with the three colleges/universities in Kiel, the center of science and local partners from the economy, society and the startup-szene. Get more information on the local startup-activities at www.starterkitchen.de


Contact: Harm Brandt
E-mail: team@opencampus.sh


Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel is the heart of the science park in Kiel. By offering various activities and personal support, an active dialogue between science and industry is engaged. The building itself is located in the immediate vicinity of the University and offers 2000m² of space for innovative, knowledge-intensive companies from different industries: IT, energy and environmental technology, industrial design, and other knowledge-intensive services.

Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel

Contact: Inge Schröder
E-mail: ischroedert@wissenschaftszentrumkiel.de